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Pickleball October 2022 Medallists

Women's Doubles

Womens Doubles 65+
Heather Swartz & Betty Larocque
Jill Harrison & Eva Langley
Colleen Murphy & Sandra Kotack
Womens Doubles 55+
Christina Roque & Liz Evelyn
Jackie Smith & Marla Wallis
Mary Ellen Smith & Donna Thompson
Women's 55 +
Christina Rocque and Liz Evelyn
Betty Larocque and Mairi Stacey
Suzanne Clark and Rose LaFlamme
Women's 65+
Anne Robertson and Joan Archer
Viru Parmar and Heather Swartz
Eva Langley and Lorraine Lloyd

Men's Doubles

Mens Doubles 65+
Dave Harris & Richard Forget
Larry Rootham & Gary Falkenham
Les Brinkley & Brian Giberson
Mens Doubles 55+
Jim Bae & Mark Henry
Paul Greenwood & John Honsberger
Roger Lim & David Adair
Men's 55+
Alain Lambert and Cesare Parete
Mark Henry and Jim (Jin Soo) Bae
John Honsberger and Paul Greenwood
Men's 65+
Gord Kirkby and Dave Harris
Peter Hurley and Mike March
Bill Gohn and Gary Falkenham
Men's 70 +
Bill Gohn and Gary Falkenham
Peter Hurley and Mike March

Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles 70+
Eva Langley & Bill Langley
Joan Archer & Gary Falkenham
Sandra Kotack & Garry Kotack
Mixed Doubles 55+
Liz Evelyn & Jim Bae
Sue Crawford & Andrew Kapular
Sandy Maloney & Rocky Nasturzio
Mixed Doubles 65+
Dana Phillips & Dave Harris
Betty Larocque & Chuck McCrae
Donna Thompson & Stephen Simpson
Mixed 55 +
Liz Evelyn and Brian Wilson
Susan Crawford and Andrew Kapular
Bonnie McDevitt and Paul Mc Devitt
Mixed 65+
Viru Parmar and An Nguyen
Betty Larocque and Gord Kirkby
Sandie March and Mike March
Mixed 70 +
Eva Langley and Bill Langley
Bill Gohn and Anne Robertson
Sandra Tateishi Kotack and Garry Kotack
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